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8th Annual Holiday Bike 🚲 Giveaway

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

On Tuesday December 21st, 202, Bike Walk Savannah and Blessings In A Bookbag, Inc. celebrated our 8th Annual Holiday Bike Giveaway

I remember 9 years ago when John R. Bennett ask me to come by the office because he had a great idea and I remember when Caila Brown got hired and rocked her position. I remember our Day 1 volunteers who are still with us 8 years later ( Kim Turner Jacquelyn Black ) and as I look down memory lane I just want to say THANK YOU. 9 years ago when I sat down with these amazing people to get a game plan together I had no idea that 8 years later we would still be putting smiles on kids faces and providing safe transportation and education to the community. Through life's ups and downs we NEVER stopped. Not even through the pandemic.

I remember reaching out to the group saying " we gotta do it this year because people need it more than ever " They never blinked or skipped a beat. I never had to convince them how important this thing we were doing was. I asked God a long time ago to put people in my path who love it like I do. To put people in my path who don't need the lights, But love the service to the people. Today I want to take the time to say I LOVE YOU GUYS AND IM THANKFUL FOR YOU. Nearly 100 bikes went out to families before Christmas. WE DID IT TOGETHER and for that I thank you Bike Walk Savannah and EVERYONE who contributed. We couldn't have done it without you. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.



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