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We’re asking our community to help us continue to provide for local kids in need.  Your generous donation will help fill book bags with supplies and a nutritious meal, along with haircuts, school uniforms and more to get them ready for the new year! The blessings don’t stop there. Additionally, Blessings in a Book Bag provides weekend nutritious meals to help fill the gap for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Monday through Friday kids eat at school, but on the weekends the need is still there and for over 14 years Blessings In A Book Bag has strived to fill that hunger gap.

Did you know that 1 and 5 children in Savannah go to bed hungry at night. In 2022 33% of households headed by single moms were food insecure. It takes on average $233 a month to feed a child in the US. Totaling $2,794 a year. Your donation goes directly to emergency food insecurity for families in our community. 95% of each monetary donation and in kind donation goes directly back into your community. What is raised here stays here. 


Every January, Blessings in a Bookbag hosts the much-anticipated MLK 5K/10K Race. For 11 years, this event has brought together racers from near and far, making it a cherished tradition in our community. 

HYPE University was created because Blessings In A Book Bag has serviced our community for over 10 years in emergency services. It's time that we pivot from giving our community fish and focus on teaching our community how to fish. HYPE stands for Helping Young People get Educated. This program is for ages 15 to 65 who are interested in learning financial well being and soft skills. Our collaborative approach is designed to coach our clients through the financial storms of life and eliminating day to day financial stresses, while positioning our students for a happier and healthier outcome. Not only do we provide financial literacy classes taught by professionals like our partnership with TRUIST BOLD and other local financial coaches. We also provide our students with a hot meal and free childcare provided by The Savannah Children's Museum. We also provide transportation to our students because we understand that sometimes there are barriers that hold the community back.

 Our community partners like Georgia Power, Parent University, and Frank Callen Boys And Girls Club help us to serve our community through these ongoing monthly classes. Your donation of $50 or more dollars helps us to continue to provide educational classes, free childcare, hot meals before each class, and transportation for our students. Please note what your donation is for so funds go directly to the HYPE University program.

The W.A.S.H program better known as Women Assisting with Sanitary Hygiene program was created because of the need local young ladies and women have with financial assistance to obtain necessary hygiene products. The Pink Tax in the U.S. affects women and families. Our W.A.S.H program assist participants with sanitary napkins, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and more. Your donation of $28 or more helps us assemble a hygiene kit for each participant.

We have three different options for you donate. 

For one time donations 

For monthly and annually donations 

For donations on-the-go



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