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Tour of The Savannah International Airport

So, I don't know about you but when I have to spend hours in the airport I'm soooooo bored BUT NOT TODAY!!! We have been here for the best 3 hours ever!!! The Back Pack Crew have been here getting a VIP tour courtesy of Jaquil Loadholt and the staff at The Savannah International Airport. Did we happen to mention that our airport has been number 1 for the past 2 years straight! We learned so much yall! While on our tour we saw Mayor Van Johnson and took a picture! We also got a chance to meet Mr. Willie! One of the baddest shoe shinners this side of the Mississippi River. He put an A-1 shine on my boots and my kids had an opportunity to see an amazing entrepreneur who has been there operating his own business for over 20 years. We learned a cultural art form that shinning is in the African American culture.

We also got to go up stairs to meet the big Chief who was nice enough to pay for our lunch. Thank you Chief We also had amazing guides who took us behind the scenes to show us how the luggage gets from one place to the next. We even got a opportunity to go on the runway!!! We saw 4 planes take off and the experience that up close was great! We also got really nice goodie bags and got to wear a police officers vest. It was a lot of walking today but worth it to see thier smiles. They were so excited . I am so thankful for everyone who came together to make this happen. Thank you! This is an experience my babies will remember for a life time.



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